Fraternal Service appointment

If you would like to talk on how Spirit Philosophy could help you understand our difficulties or want to know more, now it is possible. We would be happy to help you via a reservation.

Our English conferences on YouTube

We are not offering anymore live conference son YouTube nor on Facebook.
But you can watch our conférences we have done in 2020 and 2021 in our YouTube Channel.

It is a good way to get to know more about Spirit Philosophy and understand how it could help you.

If you want to talk to one of our members about the Spiritist Philosophy or how this knowledge can help you understand life, please contact us or make an appointment in our Fraternal Service.

Fraternal Service

If you would like to talk or want to know how Spirit Philosophy could help understand our difficulties, make an appointment so we can help you.

Fraternal Service is an informal conversation during which you will be heard by one of our volunteers with respect, confidentiality and attention.

According to the principles of Christian morals and Spiritist Philosophy, we will try to help you reflect on your problems so that you can understand them better.

We will also do our best to help you in search for solutions to difficulties.

To schedule a conversation and find a suitable time for you, make appointment here.

Study with us

In french, we study 2x per month on monday evennings.
In portuguese, we study every wednesday evenings.

For the moment, we don’t offer courses in English, but you can watch our conferences in English in our YouTube channel.
If you really want to study in English, contact us and we can guide you.

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