1. The Spirit’s Book

Concerning the immortality of the soul, the nature of spirits and their relationships with humankind, moral laws, the present life, the future life and the destiny of humanity – according to the teachings given by highly evolved spirits through several mediums – received and coordinated.

2. The Medium’s Book

Special teaching by the spirits concerning the theory of all the genres of manifestations, the means of communicating with the invisible world, the development of mediumship, the difficulties and pitfalls that may be encountered in the practice of spiritism.

3.  The Gospel According to Spiritism

 The explanation of the moral maxims of christ in concordance with spiritism and their applications to the different circumstances of life.

4. Heaven and Hell

A comparative examination of doctrines concerning the passage from corporeal life to spirit life. concerning future punishment and reward, concerning angels and demons, concerning suffering, etc., followed by several examples regaring the true situation of the soul during and after death.

5. Genesis


The Spiritist Doctrine is the result of the collective and concordant teaching of the Spirits. Science is called upon to present Genesis in accordance with the laws of nature. God proves God’s greatness and power by immutability and not by the suspension of the divine laws. For God, the past and the future are the present.

6. What is Spiritism?

The fundamentals of the spiritist doctrine and a response to some of the main objections against it.